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Edinburgh Book Festival 2018

Please see Library staff if you are interested in the trip or for more information!  Come along and soak up the atmosphere!  Do some book shopping!  Meet the authors!  Explore the festival and indulge in yummy treats!


Inter-School “Well Read” Quiz 2018!

On Thursday, April 26th, Perth High School was very pleased to host the second inter-school “Well-Read” Quiz.  Teams comprising 24 S1-S2 pupils from the High School, Perth Academy and Pitlochry were pitted against each other to test their general knowledge and expertise on all things book-related.  It was a closely fought competition, with lots of individual prizes to  won in addition to the grand prize.  But in the end, Perth Academy walked away with first place.  Many thanks to our quizmaster, Mr Nicol, to Perth Rotary for providing the trophy, to Waterstones Perth for providing our Grand Prize and the Scottish Book Trust for the individual prizes.  

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Wish You Weren’t Here?

Where or when would you rather be, and why?

Come to the library to check out our vortex display and answer the above question by filling out a postcard which will then go on display!  We hope to create a swirling effect of postcards going into the vortex!

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Be A Better Person Through Reading

EmpathyLab is a relatively new website which highlights the link between reading and empathy.  Reading builds empathy – the ability to understand the feelings of others – by introducing us to new worlds, new situations, new points of view and letting us “experience” things through the eyes of others.

EmpathyLab has put together a list for 2018 of books recommended to build empathy skills:  http://www.empathylab.uk/empathybookcollection

Check it out.  Have you already any of these books?  Can you recommend any books that helped you think differently about how others feel?



Philip Caveney visits PHS!

Huge thank you to Philip Caveney (AKA Danny Weston) for his brilliant talk to S1 pupils about his books at PHS yesterday!

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Check out our latest display!

Check out the school library’s latest display – Alternative Reality – can you guess the book title?  What’s your alternative reality?


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Christmassy display!

With Christmas right around the corner, the library has done a Christmassy display and have organised some Christmas related activities for staff and pupils to do! Come and check out the display and find out about the activities!

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